A New Direction in Health and Luxury for Pets

Fauna Sauna Heated Spa Beds blend innovative design, science and therapy into a unique line of pet furniture.
Fauna Sauna Heated Spa Beds are the first radiant heat-enhanced fine furniture designed specifically for pets. Healthy, luxurious far infrared warmth surrounds your dog or cat as they relax in ultimate comfort. Non-contact radiant heat is the only heat that is completely safe for all animals.  The Fauna Sauna bed will quickly become your pet's favorite cozy spot to relax because it feels to them like they are lying in the sun!
The Far Infrared radiant heat produced by Fauna Sauna is tuned to the Wellness Wavelength™ - the wavelength that is most beneficial for your pets. Far Infrared has many health benefits for your companion.  As their bodies receive the soothing, healing rays, they relax. Stress and anxiety are reduced.  Due to its healing properties, deep penetrating radiant heat has become one of the most sought after treatments in exclusive spas around the world.
Far Infrared has been shown to reduce pain, increase immune function, speed healing and reduce joint stiffness.  In many cases, the use of Far Infrared heat can reduce or even eliminate the need for costly medications.  From puppies to seniors, Fauna Sauna provides the ultimate in health and comfort.

Fauna Sauna heats from above and the sides... just like the sun!
Fauna Sauna's unique design provides radiant heat from the sides and above - never from below. When an animal lies on a heated surface it is no longer radiant or far infrared heat. Contact heat, such as from a heated cushion, can damage delicate tissues and actually increase inflammation.
What our customers are saying:
"I have been meaning to email you regarding the Fauna Sauna I bought from you and the results it has had on my arthritic dog, Sammy.

"I am happy to say that you were not exaggerating when you said we would see almost immediate improvements. I was able to discontinue the biweekly acupuncture treatments after just the first couple of weeks of using the Fauna Sauna. If she ever goes a few days without lying under the heat, we can really tell a difference in the way she walks. She again has a bounce in her step - more than she did even with acupuncture.

"I’m glad I made the investment. It has saved us a small fortune in vet visits! And of course, we are happy to see Sammy feeling so much better."

All the best,
- Nancy Cribb, Furry Travelers, Inc.™, Delray Beach, FL
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