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Fauna Sauna products can be recommended to clients for use at home, and are also ideally suited for use by breeders, doggie day care and spas, and boarding facilities.


As a complement to therapeutic treatments in clinic, Fauna Sauna is recommended by vets as a form of home therapy for pain management, skin conditions, inflammation and range of motion issues, such as from arthritis and hip dysplasia, and to speed and ease recovery from surgery or injury.


Fauna Sauna Pro

Compact, portable, and adjustable, the Fauna Sauna Pro can be used in multiple applications:

  • In whelping boxes, catteries, newborn care
  • As a complement at home to physical therapy, massage and acupuncture treatments
  • In grooming kennels before and after grooming
  • To help calm a traumatized or stressed animal
  • For general warmth and comfort
  • At home by owners of large dogs or where space is an issue


Fauna Sauna products strike the perfect balance of supporting the needs of the non-invasive and holistic veterinary approach, while satisfying those who need a quantifiable, documented scientific modality.
Thousands of research studies have been conducted on the effects and benefits of thermal warming and infrared therapy.  Here are just a few:
Additional studies available upon reuqest.