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Pet Style news Ed Choice 2009
2009 Editors' Choice Award
"This young company has hit the market with a big idea we found both innovative and well-executed. Fauna Sauna beds feature radiant infrared heat emitted from side and top panels, which mimic for pets the feeling of lying in a ray of sun coming through a window. Made from sturdy hardwood like a fine piece of furniture for humans, the Fauna Sauna also has a practical and beautiful cushion with a washable cover. Aging pets with joint problems and the like are certain to enjoy their sauna experiences, though younger pets who just love to lounge will, too. One precaution with regards to this product: Humans may get a bit jealous of their pets!"
- Pet Style News, October 2009
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"The Fauna Sauna is the only pet heater that offers safe, healing radiant heat for companion animals."
- Animal Wellness magazine, December 2007
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"This is therapy for the older pet, and can really improve the health of a sick animal as well as warmth and comfort. It is the equivalent of a heating pad for a human, and can help humans save money for drugs for arthritis for their pet. This type of thing has been used for years for humans and now it's available for your pet!"
- NBC Today Show, Dec. 4, 2006

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"An innovative way to help pets relax and heal through the use of natural heat."
- Pet Product News International, December 2006


"I have been meaning to email you regarding the floor model I bought from you at the trade show and the results it has had on my arthritic dog, Sammy.

"I am happy to say that you were not exaggerating when you said we would see almost immediate improvements. I was able to discontinue the biweekly acupuncture treatments after just the first couple of weeks of using the Fauna Sauna. If she ever goes a few days without lying under the heat, we can really tell a difference in the way she walks. She again has a bounce in her step - more than she did even with acupuncture.

"I’m glad I made the investment. It has saved us a small fortune in vet visits! And of course, we are happy to see Sammy feeling so much better."

All the best,
- Nancy Cribb, Furry Travelers, Inc.™, Delray Beach, FL

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"My staff loves it. We are using it in recovery - beats hot water bottles."
-Gregg Takashima, DVM, Parkway Veterinary Hospital, Lake Oswego, OR

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"We are using the Fauna Sauna with our puppies to keep them warm. It’s much safer than a heating pad or heat lamp. It’s the safest, cleanest way to maintain their body temperature that we’ve ever found."
-Susann Everett, breeder, Beowulf Mastiffs, Syracuse, NY

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"I don't see anyone else complaining about this on your website so I thought I would "let the cat out of the bag", so to speak.

I am constantly having to negotiate between my cat and dog about which one of them gets to use the fauna sauna. If my dog, Lincoln, is comfortably snoozing in his favorite warm spot, my cat, Nuala, comes up to to him, hisses, and then looks up at me and makes the sweetest, imploring meow you can imagine, hoping that I will oust the dog from his slumber. She has not heard of "letting sleeping dogs lie", it seems. On the other paw, if the cat is stretched out in utter feline bliss in her favorite spa position, the dog paces back and forth in front of the fauna sauna in between attempting to bore a hole in my head with his pitifully sad eyes.

Please, can you install some sort of timed ejector so that I no longer have to be a constant animal diplomat? I know the obvious solution is to get another fauna sauna but we are tight on space."
-Connie Cronin, on behalf of Lincoln and Nuala, Oakland, CA

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“Ms. Milo really enjoys the warmth of the Fauna Sauna and spends most of her time under it. I can tell by the way she moves just how much it helps her. She is sleeping under it as I type and I'm pretty sure she is smiling. When Milo does take a break, my 12 year old cat Louise takes her spot. Very Cool!”
Your new friends in Alaska
- Gifford, Milo, Remmington and Cleo
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"I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for such a wonderful product. Money well spent. If you recall we are in Alaska and it has been a cold winter. The third longest cold spell in Alaskan history. Today it's warmed up to -10 below F. Milo is doing so well, it is truly amazing. She just LOVES her warm bed. So do all my other pets as well.
"I had been dreading the onset of winter thinking it would be just to much for her. Winters here take their toll. I lost my Kozmo pup in November 2007. My winter worries lead me to contact you, that was a good move. I could not be more pleased."
- Gifford Phillips, Anchorage, AK

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"My cat, Cheechy, loves the Fauna Sauna. She is 17 years old. On Jan 1st she jumped off the sofa and fractured her pelvis. After 2 weeks of careful watch, and 3 sets of kitty stairs, we came across the Fauna Sauna. Now she is like a new cat, moves around easily and even tries to jump up on the furniture. She loves to lie under the infrared rays. We leave it on all day and sometimes during the night. Thank you for the Fauna Sauna."
-Denise Hobbs, Tampa Bay, FL

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"I am happy to report that the Fauna Sauna is working out perfectly for my cat, Wilma, who loves to be warm. I keep my house on the cool side during fall and winter, and this is the perfect respite for her! She took to it immediately after I brought it home from the Green Festival and has been using it every since, spending time under it here and there during the day, and all night long."
-Jessica Dombroski, Springfield, VA

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"Here's our testimonial about how much 'Angel' enjoys the Fauna Sauna unit and how I believe that it has been a major part of her healing:

"Angel, our Cocker Spaniel has been seen by 5 different veterinarians, including the veterinarian school at Washington State University and none were able to diagnose her illness. Prior to using the Fauna Sauna, we were watching her health continue to decline. The veterinarians suggested that we euthanize her. That was not an option we were willing to do until we had exhausted all possible treatments.

"When we saw how much she enjoyed the Fauna Sauna and would go and lay under it for several hours a day, we were greatly encouraged. We chose natural medicine over steroids to help her heal. We took her to a holistic veterinarian for acupuncture treatments to increase the stimulation of her immune system to heal her own body.

"After 3 months of using the Fauna Sauna, 6 treatments with acupuncture and changing to a raw meat diet, Angel has totally regained her health! We are continuing her use of the Fauna Sauna and the raw meat diet to maintain her good health.

"Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product."
- Darlene Mattson, Penny Creek Farms, Roy, WA
Quality Cocker Spaniels Since 1961 - AKC Show Cockers

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"We are very happy with Fauna Sauna for our large geriatric dogs!!! Our dogs, Liesl & Lorca, who are 12 & 13 years old, spend up to 4 hours at a time sleeping at/under your infrared emitter. Mostly they lay so that the heat hits their hind quarters. I seem to need to give less Rimadyl as they both experience less stiffness when they rest under the infra red heater. We tried a few locations in our home before finding the perfect spot where there was the best combination of den-like comfort AND line-of-site to where people come & go. Since Liesl had her leg amputated recently, we have to be very careful so she does not overdo activity with her remaining rear leg. There is no back up!

"I am very comforted that the dogs have a special healing place. When I think that we are doing all we can to improve the quality of their lives, I feel happy! I KNOW they would be a lot stiffer without it. Thank you!"
- Julia M., Mt. Desert, ME

• • • •

"Hey Lisa, Thanks!

Check out the pic of Liesl! Positioned perfectly to warm the hips.

One year post-amputation after bone cancer diagnosis, 3 weeks before 14th birthday. We are loving every day with her, and the Infrared bed is her favorite afternoon hangout!!"
- Julia M., Mt. Desert, ME

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"Before we tried Fauna Sauna, my dog, Jock, was having pains in his back and was very stiff – he couldn’t jump up on the bed or the sofa. With the use of your infrared heater, he’s active again. He’s 14 years old, but now he runs and jumps like when he was 6 or 7. He also had lots of skin problems – itchy skin, irritation, hot spots. I used to give him prednisone for itching, but he hasn’t needed it since we started using the infrared and all of his skin problems have disappeared.

"If he’s not on my lap, or out playing with his friends, he’s under the Fauna Sauna heater. He’s a happier dog thanks to Fauna Sauna!
-Wynnifred J., Capitola, CA